DAI IPNM-TESS STTA Training Needs Assessment Expert - Morocco in United States


About the Integrated Programme for Northern Morocco-Tackling Economic, Social & Security Challenges (IPNM-TESS)

IPNM-TESS is a two-year UK Conflict, Security & Stability Fund project working in the northern region of Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceima (TTAH). Its objective is to support the TTAH Regional Council in building its capacity to deliver more effective public services and economic development to its citizens, in line with the country’s regionalisation aims post-2011. IPNM-TESS will work with the Regional Council, including through the TTAH Agence de Réalisation et Exécution de Projets (AREP), and with civil society, to provide technical assistance and capacity building support in a range of areas including organisational development, communications and outreach, and the implementation and monitoring of projects.

Scope of work

The Regional Council has a training plan for its staff which consists of a list of thematic areas, prioritised according to need. Support has been requested to deliver this plan. Assessment therefore is needed as to:

  • What content needs to be covered under the identified topic areas, together with any recommendations as to sources, resources and format Who the training should be aimed at (participation, level)

  • What are the learning objectives of the needed training?

  • Any other requirements as identified

  • A feasible schedule and timeline for delivering the training needed

The Expert will be expected to meet with individual departments of the Regional Council and its Director of Training in order to ascertain this information, and the project will provide guidance on this.

A separate training plan (and implementer) exists for elected officials within the Regional Council, and the Expert will need to work with the project team to identify where there might be opportunities for interaction between the two.


  1. Bullet point plan (maximum one page) as to how the training needs assessment will be conducted, including details of any required meetings and documentation.

  2. Outline table of contents for the needs assessment, to be shared early in the assignment

  3. Training needs assessment document, with concise and actionable recommendations.

  4. Detailed Regional Council training plan.

The documents should be produced in French and submitted in draft format for review by the project’s Deputy Team Leader and Technical Adviser according to the timeline agreed at the start of the assignment. Any revisions or edits to deliverables required following project team feedback are included in the number of days stated below.

Timeframe and reporting

Up to 20 days are available for this assignment, with a start date in late May 2018. It is expected that the assignment will take place over one month maximum. Travel to the TTAH region will be required in order to meet with stakeholders and assess their needs (travel days are not included in the number of fee days).

The Expert will report to the IPNM-TESS Deputy Team Leader.

Closing date: 24 May 2018

Location: Middle East / North Africa

Location: Morocco

Job Code: 3655