YOUTH ADVOCATES OF SITKA INC Skills Trainer - Outpatient Program in Sitka, Alaska

Job Description Under the general direction of the Program Coordinator this position is responsible for meeting the treatment needs of YAS clients. Skills Trainers are directly responsible for a caseload, with clients ranging in age from 5 years to 21 years of age. Skills Trainers must exercise sound judgment and demonstrate effective communication skills. This position must have the capability to provide behavioral interventions and to teach problem solving. Skills Trainers must conduct their professional life as a socially appropriate model for YAS clients. "Skills Training" means actively teaching a youth to exhibit appropriate social and emotional behavior, develop healthy peer and family relationships, provide self care, and engage in conflict resolution. Skills training includes skill instruction, skill practice, redirection, feedback, positive praise, role modeling, promoting, encouraging, and coaching. Essential Job Functions Teaches coping skills to individual clients and groups during activities. Communicates effectively with a wide range of children and families. Maintains consistent structure and provides therapeutic limits. ? Provides proactive interventions. Demonstrates skills in active listening therapy. Demonstrates initiative and uses effective problem solving skills. Assesses situational risk, and crisis conditions. Documents daily treatment notes which meet agency policies and state and federal regulations. Implements and monitors clients treatment plans. Demonstrates an understanding of psychiatric symptomology and therapeutic medication usage and seek appropriate consultation on medication side effects when applicable. Identifies risk situations for closer supervision. Understands and maintains client confidentiality. Follows written protocol from medical personnel. Responds appropriately to crisis without immediate backup, and responds to emergency situations, medical, fire, etc. Attends weekly staff meetings.