(Sunoco) Manager in Training in Milford, Pennsylvania

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS – include and are not limited to: Continuously learn, grow and advance to the Store Manager position within the designated market area. Continuously develop the skills needed to hire, train and manage employees. Consistently the policy and procedures of completing cash handling, safety, maintenance and merchandising responsibilities. Perform all duties the Store Manager does in their absence. Complete the 8 week training program and be able to perform all necessary duties to run a store. Frequently remain stationary for long periods of time. Be able to position self to stock and front shelves and coolers, sweep and mop floors, dust shelves, move trash containers and place in an outside bin, clean the parking lot and grounds (including gas pumps) surrounding the location and have the means to clean windows around the store in accordance with company standards. In order to maintain a clean, safe environment to ensure the store is presentable; be able to position self to properly clean and maintain store equipment/products and areas including but not limited to coffee, fountain drinks, deli, customer seating areas, restrooms and shower stalls in accordance with company standards. Be able to enter and work in a cooler at a temperature of 30 degrees up to 30 minutes at a time. Be able to meet the physical demands such as transporting and moving store products and equipment weighing up to 50 lbs. (including shoveling snow) when needed. Be able to react to a fire by using a fire extinguisher weighing 25 pounds and transporting it to the fire area. Comply with all policies and procedures in company provided handbooks and or manuals at all times.